Construction & Remodeling

Comprehensive Construction and Remodeling Services

Contractor applying grout on a tile, preparing to lay it on the floor.
Expert Hands at Work on Floor Tiling

Home Remodeling and Additions

Expand and enhance your living space with our custom home remodeling and additional services. Whether it’s a new bedroom, extended living room, or a sun-room addition, we ensure seamless integration with your existing structure while maximizing space and aesthetics.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Transform your kitchen and bathrooms with our comprehensive renovation services. From modern fittings and fixtures to custom cabinetry and tiling, we create spaces that combine beauty with functionality.

Flooring Solutions

Set the foundation of your rooms with RW Maintenance’s expert flooring installation services. From the timeless elegance of hardwood to the modern appeal of luxury vinyl and the cozy warmth of carpets, our flooring options cater to every style and need.

* Our team specializes in fitting a wide range of high-quality flooring, including durable laminate, chic floating floors, and versatile tiles, ensuring each installation is flawless and harmonious with your home’s character.

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Yet another valuable service from RW Maintenance!