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Why Choose RW Maintenance?

Experience the unmatched dedication of RW Maintenance, where we blend robust family values with professional excellence in general contracting and cleaning services. Serving South Central Pennsylvania, our team embodies integrity, quality, and reliability. Inspired by the subtle strength of a lion, we approach every project with precision and care, ensuring top-tier results that reflect our deep-rooted commitment to excellence.

Excellence in Commercial and Residential Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

RW Maintenance sets the bar high in commercial cleaning services, providing unparalleled care and attention to business environments. From bustling office spaces to expansive commercial properties, our team delivers meticulous cleaning solutions tailored to each unique space. We focus on creating immaculate, health-conscious environments that foster productivity and professionalism. With RW Maintenance, experience a new level of cleanliness and order in your commercial setting. thoroughness, bringing a touch of pristine elegance to every room and office.

"A mechanical floor cleaner poised for action on a shiny floor."

Residential Cleaning Services

Transform your home into a sanctuary of cleanliness with RW Maintenance’s residential cleaning services. We understand the nuances of home care, and our dedicated team provides a comprehensive and personalized approach to every residence. From routine tidy-ups to deep cleaning, our services ensure every corner of your home sparkles with comfort and hygiene. Let us handle the details, so you can relax and enjoy a beautifully maintained living space.

Construction & Renovation

At RW Maintenance, we specialize in light construction and renovation projects, seamlessly blending versatility with craftsmanship. Our skilled team is adept at transforming spaces, whether it’s a minor remodel, an addition, or essential repairs. We focus on quality and efficiency, ensuring each project is completed to the highest standards, on time and within budget. From initial design to final touches, we bring our clients’ visions to life, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of their spaces with minimal disruption to their daily lives.

About Us

Since 2002, Bob and Alissa Williams, along with their dedicated team, have been the driving force behind RW Maintenance LLC. What began as a small-scale janitorial service has flourished under their joint stewardship into a comprehensive cleaning and construction powerhouse. Their journey, from modest beginnings to becoming a name synonymous with trust and quality in commercial cleaning and construction in central Pennsylvania, is a tale of collective vision, growth, and unwavering commitment.

Leadership with the Heart of a Lion:

Bob Williams at RW Maintenance

Bob Williams, embodying the strength and integrity of the lion that represents our company, leads with a passion that resonates throughout the team. As a devoted family man, his nurturing nature, combined with a fierce commitment, sets the tone for RW Maintenance’s approach. Every project undertaken is infused with this same dedication and warmth, mirroring the precision, strength, and grace of the lion’s spirit.

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We are a certified MBE company.